Microblogging and Advertisting Data Mining Challenge

We are pleased to announce the official winners of this year's KDD Cup.

For Track 1:

  • 1st Place, Team ACMClass@SJTU
  • 2nd Place, Steffen Rendle
  • 3rd Place, Team FICO Model Builder

For track 2:

  • 1st Place, Team Catch Up
  • 2nd Place, Team Opera Solutions
  • 3rd Place, Steffen Rendle

In addition to the teams above who will win the KDD Cup 2012 prizes, we have several honorable mentions for teams with stellar performance that were not eligible for prize winnings. For track 1, we have teams Shanda Innovations and SYSU_Wagreymon, with 2nd and 3rd leaderboard positions, and for Track 2, we have Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the 3rd leaderboard positions.

Both the prize winning and honorable mention teams have been invited to present their methods at the 2012 KDD Cup Workshop in Beijing.

Note: the top 3 winners for each track of KDD Cup 2012 are chosen according to the leaderboard position and other requirements, and the leaderboards are kept unchanged as the competitions ended.

Welcome to the KDD Cup 2012!

As you know, every year the KDD Cup attracts the most brilliant minds throughout the world to converge on challenging data mining problems. This year is no exception! The 2012 KDD Cup welcomes data miners to compete on the largest real datasets ever released publicly for competitions. Fresh from Tencent, the data mining tasks are about recommendation prediction in social networks and social media, and about user click modeling in advertising. We hope that these tasks would challenge your intelligence and push the limits of data-mining capabilities.

From Tencent, we encourage you to use these data fully for your algorithmic innovations and computational discoveries, and make breakthrough discoveries in science and industrial problems.

I hope you enjoy the competition, and wish you a great success!

Gordon Sun (Ph.D.)
Chair of the Organizing Committee, Chief Scientist of Tencent Inc.

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